Keys2Balance- method

Founder of Key2Balance, Mrs. Carita Nyberg has established the method to help organizations and individuals to develop their communication, leadership, and overall time and life management. The method is based on the Ph.D. Jose Stevens Personessence- Understanding People (Stevens, 2018) concept, which has been the foundation for over 30 years in individual and group training in the USA. After completing intensive training on this subject in 2002, Nyberg has continued to develop this method further, providing a variety of training and coaching for differing workplaces and individuals.

The Keys2Balance® provides keys for anyone looking for a challenge and interested in advancing their people skills. From leadership to team building, the keys can assist, helping to develop the individual for better performance, people skills, and collaboration.

Individual motivators

Motivators are explained as a person or thing that makes someone enthusiastic about doing something.

In the Keys2balance method, there are 9 motivators (Nyberg, Observe and learn, 2010). Each motivator also has a positive and negative pole. The positive pole traits show where we are balanced. When an individual can’t use strengths or feels unbalanced, they tend to use the negative pole.

The motivators can usually be grouped into three groups of three. The top three motivators are the most important for you to attend. Then there is a mid-group that has some relevance, and often the bottom 2-3 needs are almost overseen as they don’t give an individual any satisfaction.

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