About Saara

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to visit.

I’m Saara, a powerhouse, advisory board member, leader and incurably dedicated to staying as a woman I want to be;
A brutally honest Finnish girl with the passion, laptop, and a dream.

I wanted to learn how to write. For some, writing comes easily. My husband is one of those. And I have to say I was envious of that! I also wanted to go to our home office, sit down and write about half an hour, and develop a blog post written in the excellent wording. DAMN! I just forgot it didn’t come over the night to him either…

I never considered myself a writer. I understood the only way to learn, and get the voice of your own was to write and write. So at some point, I just started. I generally write about things that somehow stay longer in my mind, and make me think those through.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been attracted by hidden potential people possess. How I or someone else can be passioned about so many seemingly unconnected things? I have found out I can see the combination of those things and combine those, for example, as a job position in an organization. I’ve wanted to know how those powers can be discovered and unleashed, whether it is at work or private life.

Instead of boring you with my work history, if you’re interested you can find my work history from Linkedin. Having experience from different jobs, the business sectors, and organizational positions set one more example, traditional rules were made to be broken.

I hope you’ll find some tips and ideas from these articles to reach new levels of your passion and potential, regardless of your situation, position, or geographical location.


You can reach me via  Twitter or LinkedIn messages.

Thoughts, attitude problems, and stuff published in these pages are my own 🙂