Actions speak much louder than words

Few thoughts that went through my mind last year

It’s been an eventful year, and looking back gives me the possibility to evaluate and analyze things I found noteworthy. While I didn’t read that many books, as usual, I did have multiple options to think and talk with people. I was also fortuned to get a grasp of different worlds and different ways of doing things.

Taking a few steps back and permitting yourself as well as space to analyze does not always give you the answers you want, but I found out it was what I needed.

Take care of yourself, since it’s not on no one else’s agenda

If you’re not taking care of your well-being, no one else will. No job is worth ruining your mental or physical health. Sleep enough, eat with consideration, and take care of your physical well-being.

Have you ever considered things that influence your situational awareness? Also, as a leader, you’ll need to make decisions at times fast, and occasionally with lower phase. Can you recognize if you’re in so much stress that your judgment is blurred? And do you know what you should do when that happens? Well, at least you can maximize your possibilities to have all the capabilities at hand by sleeping enough, eating well, and understanding your behavior in stressful situations.

Taking care of yourself is, at the same time, taking care of others at the workplace. The higher you are in the organization chart to more responsible you need to act. And that covers pretty much everything. Understand when things at home affect your work, and you should take few days off, or when your role, job or position doesn’t give you anything anymore move on before your cynicism starts to show and drag others down with it. In those moments, we reach the place where some things don’t matter anymore, and sadly, we don’t always even see that from ourselves.

As a note to myself: Prioritize yourself! What is the model you want to give to your team, children, or community?

Get rid of things, people and manners that are energy robbers

You don’t know how exhausting it can be until you have gotten free of it and you’re feeling lighter than for a long time.

Some people need closure; some decide to leave things behind. My rule of thumb is if you think about it more than once a month, close it. Being angry, sad, feeling unappreciated or mistreated, whatever it might be, why wouldn’t you address it directly with the person it happened with? At times some water needs to flow on Mississippi before you are ready to go back to issues, but if it’s required, let some time pass.

As a leader, it’s ok to say, “I’m too busy now, can we talk about this later?” Even if we’d like to be those Bionicle women and men, that’s not the case. Let yourself be human. People understand that you work with other subjects too.

As a note to myself: If you feel someone is using your energy, it’s ok to say no. And it’s ok to ask what do you mean?

Find your values and embrace them

It’s not once or twice I’ve heard laughter over the company’s values “those are just for marketing…”, but how about your values? What are your values at your work, workplace, home, in a relationship, as a friend, parent, or leader? Are your values “just for marketing” or do you make decisions based on those?

Even if you’d recognize your values, it doesn’t mean that instantly you’ll have the meaning and fulfillment and happiness you had hoped for in your life, but at least you can be one step closer to that.

I’d say it’s much easier to work for a company and live with a person when their values align yours.

As a note to myself: If you’re not sure you can keep it, don’t promise it. If it feels wrong, try to find why. Usually, the feeling doesn’t vanish over time…

Don’t take things or people for granted

Making real friends is not to walk in a park. I’ve noticed it’s more like a miracle to find one. Don’t forget these people. Make an effort to ask how you’re doing once and a while.

As a leader, the same goes for your colleagues. Even they wouldn’t be your besties, showing some interest after birthday, divorce, surgery, or any private event they might have is a sign of respect. Out of sight, out of mind won’t give you that much credit afterward.

As a note to myself: As a leader, don’t forget the people you need to do your job. Make an effort to ask how you’re doing once and a while. Actions speak much louder than words.

 You are braver and stronger than you think

Change and admitting your flaws requires courage some never find in themselves. So if you have found something you want to change I want to congratulate you on being brave! Prioritize it high, believe in it and start working towards it. It might take time, energy, and a lot more courage from you, but It will be worth it.

As a note to myself: Remember the Marines 40% rule. “When your mind is telling you you’re done, you’re only 40 percent done.”

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