New job and the honeymoon is over

After a certain amount of years working with the same or different companies, people usually realize there’s no such a thing as called perfect job or employer. That has happened to me too. I can also admit that I have been naive and thought that I could change more things than those on my responsibility list. I still get disappointed when I realize my working tempo is faster than surrounding organizations, and I need to wait.

Exactly nine months ago, I joined If Insurance. I didn’t join the company, but I joined the team my boss is leading. To put it short, I chose my boss, and I would pick her still.

Like I wrote earlier, I took a challenging task to start building a new team in a new location, and I have had both pleasant and not-so-nice moments. I think now it’s a good time to reflect on the feelings and doings of the past months. So here are the things that I have noticed.

Your boss matters

I have noticed I made an excellent choice by selecting my boss. She is a great leader who can adapt to the situation, and what I appreciate the most she dares to make decisions. It’s also a reason why her unit is a great place to work. At its worst, it means the world outside can seem very different.

Not all the units work with similar habits.

When you have almost 8000 people working in the same company, there will be people, teams, and even units working in a manner that won’t be your cup of tea. There are different tempos, different ways, and different motivations so that the variation can be substantial. That said, it’s crucial that you find the organizational place and position which suits you the best.

Not only people but companies have characteristics.

Security is a common characteristic when we are talking about the Insurance business. Security and Innovation are not seen necessarily as best friends. Our strategy emphasizes risk-taking and staying ahead. Our standard way of working leans strongly towards security, low-risk approach. Enabling failure, experiment and crazy ideas in a security driven culture is not easy task to anyone. This, for example, is one of the most distinctive differences between my boss’s unit and some others. The saying that your unit or team reflects the leader can be proven true also in this case, and I’m happy to feel a push towards new ways of thinking and doing things.

Being Nordic or Global is not always fun.

Being a Nordic or Global company provides plenty of opportunities career-wise. The fact still is there are aspects and tasks where a local approach is needed even though the Nordic or Global bigger picture would exist. To move fast, to turn fast regional system is more rapid with both execution and results. It’s not so fun to debate over the extent of the approach in most of the processes and subjects.

Transformation takes time and much effort.

The bigger the boat, the longer it turns. Everyone who has been working with any transformation knows it’s, and there’s no exception here. Building new ways of working in a company this size requires a lot of resilience, communication, and, to be honest, knowing who are the C-suiters or Unit leaders you’d need to convince. It’s not always clear how you get the mandate or even where you get it. This is a place where your boss can make a huge difference.

Yes, I’m still here

For the last nine months, I have both enjoyed my work, and I have had moments when I have been almost ready to give up. My personality drives more with the fast-phased decision-making and constant transformation, my boss has provided me an excellent playground to work with my strengths. I must be honest: I have struggled with the inability to drive or challenge the decisions, which directly slows down my work. Regardless I have also surprised myself by finding patience and communication skills to be more corporate-approved.