The Importance of Recognizing Your Accomplishments

Getting caught up in the never-ending cycle of tasks, goals, and challenges is easy. We often forget to pause and reflect on the successes we’ve achieved along the way. The thank yous and the small signs of appreciation that tell you you’re working with the right things at the right time. But sometimes you stop seeing those. That happened to me too recently. I was so caught up with the must-dos and must-haves that I got blindfolded by the positive feedback around me. Luckily, I have people around me that pull me back from this stress-filled, ruthless bitch- mode. But when was the last time you took a moment to think about the positive outcomes you’ve attained?

The Missing Appreciation: Recognizing When You Need It

You can most likely also recognize moments when you could really use that small sign of appreciation, just a little thank you or even a small accepting nod. Usually, that is the exact time it’s not available. When that happens to me, I start thinking about those moments that I will never write down on my CV but will always cherish in my heart dearly.

Cherished Moments of Genuine Appreciation

It might be that genuine thank you for organizing coaching sessions for someone who is now telling how it helped, the super private chat revealing personal things or even health worries in the family, the over-the-moon excited call telling about the new job with thanks for the support and belief you gave, that kiddie-like proud grin with overconfident joke after cracking a problem or learning new, the first shared jokes in the group that had lots of tension, or simple, genuine smile and short chat you had with someone extremely shy or introverted. You might even have a moment when someone you really appreciate and look up to has shown publicly the trust in you and your competence and given you a mission impossible because “you are the only one I know who could pull this through.”

Stop and start observing! You will notice even the smallest moments of appreciation and thank yous, which sometimes are dressed in different kinds of actions and words. Trust me, you will notice when your work has paid off, but you won’t notice if you’re running a round in your super busy mode.

Reliving Moments of Accomplishment

If you have identified the moments when you feel you’d need the compliment, try next time by starting to think about the time completing a project at work, hitting a personal milestone, or receiving recognition for your efforts. Pause for a moment to relive that feeling of accomplishment and pride. You could even write those down! These moments, whether big or small, are not just fleeting instances of joy. They are the building blocks of our self-perception, motivation, and even self-compassion, shaping us into the individuals we are today.

Four Reasons to Revisit Your Successful Moments:

  • Reflecting on past successes reminds you that you can overcome challenges and achieve your goals. It also reinforces a positive self-image and belief in your abilities.
  • When faced with new challenges or obstacles, reflecting on past successes can motivate you to persevere or give you a pattern of actions to follow. Knowing that you’ve overcome similar hurdles in the past can instill a sense of resilience and determination to keep pushing forward, even when the going gets tough.
  • Examining your successes allows you to identify patterns and strategies contributing to your achievements. By understanding what worked well in the past, you can apply these insights to future endeavors, increasing your chances of success.
  • Reflecting on your successes is about more than acknowledging your achievements. It’s about recognizing the hard work and dedication that went into achieving your goals and the support and contributions of others along the way.

It’s easy to overlook our successes in pursuing the next big thing. It’s also sometimes too easy to pass the opportunity to give apprechiation and thank you, even those would be well deserved. However, reflecting on past accomplishments, whether yours or your teammates, is crucial for personal growth, motivation, and well-being. So, the next time you achieve a goal or overcome a challenge, remember to pause, celebrate, and acknowledge your success. Dare to state to yourself that I was darn good! That I did an awesome job! More so, do also your best to acknowledge the success that happens around you! After all, you’ve earned it regardless if others noticed it!.