All in or Out? Dare to succeed?

My dad has an old rocking chair, made by my granddad. It’s not pretty, but it has magic in it. There’s even competition who can sit on it. For me it’s a place where I have thought through the biggest, most painful and most joyful things in my life. 

There it was, made its magic also last time I sat in it. 

As a result of that and thanks to the discussion started by my lovely sisters, I started think why do we fail? Top 5 reasons why something fails… you can see these kind of headings from time to time. What if the reason is me? Do I really dare to succeed? Would it be possible that I’m afraid of succeeding almost as much as not succeeding?

The people who go all in and throw themselves to every effort to succeed are poison for bad self-esteem. For over-achiever it’s more comfortable to twirl in the process, than to complete it. Poor self-esteem drives people to bargain sale boxes and calls them to settle for what you can get.  “Because you don’t deserve better than that”, it shouts.

Do I really want to settle for that? Do you? Are you ready to give up and never know how it would have ended? Like my sister put it, it would be easier to remain as misunderstood genius, telling how I could have succeeded in what almost happened. Blame circumstances and others from the failure. I agree on that, totally. I’ve also done that.   

To succeed, one needs to stick one’s neck out, throw oneself in, stand tall and state “I’m all in”. There will be no room for explanations. It’s scary to stand behind your own words and actions.

It’s rewarding to know what you want, what you stand for, and believe and go for it. Yes, there will be moments when you doubt everything and everyone, and start having thoughts about failure in your head. It’s not about those thoughts, it’s how you handle those. One might compare it to a slogan “It’s not how good you are, it’s how bad you want it.”

I have had few people in my adult life who have been sparring with me. They have known what I want to achieve and on the moments of darkness they have made me realize either that I’m digging a grave to myself or reminded me about my lively sparkling nature which doesn’t want to wait for a second longer.

Succeeding is individual sport. Sport were anyone can flourish! It’s up to you if you dare to succeed today! So are you all in or out?

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